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Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles in downtown Hilo, Hawaii carries a large selection of ukuleles from high quality craftsman and manufacturers.

We specialize in handcrafted solid wood ukuleles made in Hawaii from the skilled craftsmen at Kanile'a and Kamaka. We also carry hand-made ukuleles from the workshops of Luthiers on the island of Hawaii.



Kanile'a Tenor Ukulele Hilo, Hawaii
Kanile'a Ukuleles are handcrafted under the direction of Master Lutheir Joe Souza on Oahu. We carry a large variety of Kanile'a Ukulele models, including their Po'okela models in curly Koa wood with mother-of-pearl inlay. Learn more about Kanile'a Ukuleles and our current stock.

The Kanile'a Extended Ohana
Kanile'a Ukuleles
On a recent trip to Honolulu in which my daughter was competing in the Kirk Banks Soccer Tournament, I took half of her team to the Kanilea Ukulele factory for a tour. I also picked out some custom ukuleles to sell at the store. A fun time was had by all. We also took some photos of during the visit. You can see all of these photos on the Kanile'a page.
The pictures below are from the Islander Line of Ukulele by Kanile'a
Kamaka is the oldest maker of ukuleles in Hawaii, and one of the most respected and sought after ukuleles.

Please check for prices, as we have the lowest price anywhere.

Kala Ukuleles

Kala currently offers over 120 different models made from a variety of woods including: Lacewood, Acacia, Koa, Mango, Mahogany, Flame/Spalted Maple, Spruce, Bocote, and many others. They have all of the traditional sizes and models of ukulele and so much more.

Ken Cameron, the owner of Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles, in his shop

Hawaiian-made ukuleles are finely crafted with speciality woods like koa and mahogany. Each instrument's design is unique to the Luthier. Come and see these fine instruments in Hilo, and experience for yourself their tone and sound quality. We stock a wide range of Hawaiian-made ukuleles including tenor ukuleles, soprano ukuleles, and concert ukuleles, 6-string and 8-string.

Beltona Lap Steel Ukulele

Blackbird carbon fiber tenor Ukulele with Fishman matrix pick-up
An exceptionally responsive and resilient ukulele. On tour from Hawaii, the ukulele first gained widespread recognition among stateside music fans at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Expo in San Francisco. Down-the-road and nearly a century later, Blackbird Guitars is giving the ukulele a 2010 reinvention with their proprietary hollow-neck, all-carbon fiber construction. This exceptionally loud and tonally rich instrument is as responsive as it is resilient, and will inspire ukulele players to bring their music places no nice wood instrument should ever go - like the beach. The Blackbird Ukulele sets a new bar for a compact, lightweight, and tonally-satisfying travel instrument. It is durable and immune to the humidity problems that impact its wooden counterparts.

Jake Shimabukuro plays the Blackbird Tenor Ukulele

Beltona Lap Steel Ukulele

Lap Steel Ukulele made by Beltona of New Zealand
Beltona Ukuleles manufactures high quality, handmade resonator musical instruments. The instruments are a mixture of modern technology and traditional wood lutherie. The body is constructed from resin with glassfibre and carbonfibre, and is the perfect amplifier for the Beltona aluminium resonator cone housed inside. Necks are hand-carved from various woods in the traditional manner. Beltona originally produced metal-bodied instruments before developing their distinctive resin and carbonfibre models in the mid 1990s. These have proved so successful for reasons of sound, weight and strength that metal instruments were discontinued in 2002.


Kamaka PineppleUkulele Hilo, Hawaii
Kamaka Ukuleles are the grandfathers of Hawaiian ukuleles. The Kamaka workshop was established on Oahu before Hawaii became a state, and is famous for their Pineapple Ukuleles. Learn more about Kamaka Ukuleles and our current stock.

We Carry Ukuleles by Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt Bell Ukulele
This is a fine example of one of Oscar Shmidt's solid mahogany ukuleles. This bell-style ukulele has a unique design. This is a wonderful sounding and playing ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele in Hilo, Hawaii

If you are looking for entry level ukuleles, we carry Kala and Kamaka ukuleles with great tones and very affordable prices.

We have a selection of ukuleles for professionals and beginners, instruments for performances and for beach parties.

We offer a wide range of ukulele accessories including cases, strings, picks, sheet music, and amps. We also provide ukulele maintenance and repair by Luthier Dennis Lake in our Hilo store.

Guitar restringing Ken Cameron Hilo, Hawaii



A lot of gift shops and online stores are not specific in what they are selling in regards to whether an ukulele is a Solid Wood or a Laminate Wood. Please be sure that the instrument you are buying is a Solid Wood or a Laminate Wood. Just because someone advertises something as "Hawaiian Koa" that does not mean that it is solid Koa.


There is nothing wrong with a laminate wood uke. We sell many of them, and they make wonderful starter instruments. We recommend that you buy your instrument from a reputable music store. They are more likely to represent the instrument in a truthful manor as they have valuable reputation to uphold.

Mahalo - Ken Cameron, owner of Hilo Guitars & Ukuleles.

Visit or Contact us for more information about our current ukulele stock.

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